School Rounders Team Sponsorship

Every year Aresson and Rounders England sponsor a school rounders team, offering equipment and training to the lucky school. Our 2020 Schools Sponsorship offer is currently being finalised and details will be revealed shorty. To be first in the know about these, follow us on Twitter or Facebook.


Sponsored School Team 2019

This year we have been proud to sponsor Crestwood School, Himley. Part of the Invictus Education Trust, Crestwood School places huge importance on providing the best opportunities for all and sport is no exception. This year they've had a fantastic rounders season due, in part, to the extra boost that Aresson and Rounders England's sponsorship has given them. Rosie Hatton, Crestwood's Director of Sport told us, 

"We had over 50 students involved in rounders over the season and this is a 15% increase on last year. After an amazing season the Under 16s girls finished second in their league and the under 14s girls managed to WIN ALL their games and as a result their league. The under 14s made large amounts of progress and performances clearly improved throughout the season especially due to having new equipment, thanks to Wilkinson Sports & Leisure and Rounders England who sponsored us and supported us with our success.  All players gave 100% hard work and dedication. Their tactical game play improved and so did their batting skills. We are looking forward to next season where hopefully we can enter some of the other tournament that we didn’t know were available to us."

Rounders Champions, Crestwood School 2019

An Interview with Rosie Hatton, Director of Sport at Crestwood, at the start of their 2019 rounders season:

We caught up with Rosie Hatton to find out more about rounders at Crestwood School....

Why does your school include rounders in the P.E curriculum?

We include rounders on our curriculum as it engages our harder to reach students. Those that are not normally sporty, suddenly flourish playing rounders.  It's a great sport that provides inclusivity.

Which skills and techniques do you believe that rounders develops?

Teamwork and tactical awareness. It ensures that students stay alert and adjust play.

Are there any additional benefits that you feel rounders brings to the school?

We see a big increase in engagement in PE also it is one of the best attended clubs. In addition, the best attended club with year 10/11. They like the relaxed atmosphere. 

What impact will being selected as a sponsored team 2019 have on your school?

It is great to have the acknowledgement and support. We work hard. It will provide students with new equipment; this will provide excitement and make the students feel valued. We are a school from a poor demographic and we do a lot for our students. They do not always have the support at home, and if we can go beyond for them during school, hopefully they will reap the awards.

With a clear passion for rounders, Rosie Hatton, Crestwood's Director of Sport, went on to speak about the importance of rounders in her school,

"Since the exam boards discounted rounders from the GCSE curriculum we have had to fight to keep rounders at the forefront of our curriculum. Despite these challenges, we as a school have been very successful. Especially since winning the rounder’s league last year (2018) and this year we are aiming to do the same! Since beginning another year of girl’s rounders at Crestwood, the number of girls taking part within extra-curricular rounders has again grown immensely. The girls have the opportunity to train every Tuesday and Thursday after school in order to improve their knowledge and skills alongside competing in school fixtures. It is important for our students as it is a sport that is fun and inclusive for all! We are a school where nearly 40% of the student population receive free school meals. Keeping students engaged and active is so important."

Sponsored School 2018

Tendring Technology College, Essex

"Being a sponsored team for the 2018 rounders season has increased student participation in rounders and it has created new excitement for the game. We've also been able to promote the team and our school more widely on social media"

Karen Harris P.E Teacher, Tendring Technology College.





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Our 2020 Schools Sponsorship offer is currently being finalised and details will be revealed shorty.

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