Sponsored Teams

Our Sponsorship Programme

Every year Rounders England and Aresson sponsor a range of teams for the duration of the rounders season. We are currently reviewing our sponsorship programme for 2020 and will reveal what's on offer and how to apply very soon! To keep posted of any developments please follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Last year our sponsorship offer included £150 worth of Aresson equipment and £100 off a Rounders England training course. Aresson have sponsored both newly formed rounders teams and well established teams with the aim to reward teams for their dedication to the sport as well as encourage new teams to form. It gives us a great insight into the equipment needs of teams and we love hearing about all your training, wins, losses and your team's idiosyncrasies! 

Our Sponsored Teams 2019

Rounders England and Aresson selected Pilkington Eagles as our sponsored All New Rounders Team 2019 and Batley Ninjas as our sponsored Rounders Forever Team 2019. Both teams showed great enthusiasm and dedication to rounders and were great ambassadors for the sport. Find out more about our sponsored teams below.

Batley Ninjas Rounders Team, Ready Steady Active League Leeds

A few words from the team: "We love rounders, it's so addictive! Playing rounders and becoming a sponsored team gives us the opportunity to show women of all colours and creeds that playing sports is fun, exciting and possible! It has also taught us to come out of our comfort zone". 

Pilkington Eagles, St Helen's Rounders League


A few words from the team: "Playing rounders is a great way for us friends to get together on a nice sunny evening, meet new people and socialise. It’s a good way for us all to get some exercise and gives us a chance to show the competitiveness in us all and get rid of some stress from day to day routines of trying to balance work, kids and homelife. If you're thinking of starting your own team, be organised, dedicated, creative and committed.
After all the hard work before, during and after the season, the results are rewarding and its great to say 'our team'"







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