Rounders Team Sponsorship

Sponsorship 2020 

This year Aresson, Rounders England and Surridge Sport are offering sponsorship to one adult league rounders team and one university rounders team. Both teams will receive up to £150 worth of Aresson equipment, £100 off a Rounders England course and up to £150 worth of Surridge Sport teamwear. This is a fantastic opportunity for your team to gain new skills, equipment and kit and to become ambassadors for the sport, raise your team’s profile and attract new members.  


Is my team eligible to apply? 

You must be a proactive, committed team who play weekly during the summer. Playing indoor rounders is also a bonus! Your team must have membership to Rounders England. (Membership starts at £40 per year. Click here to find out more). 


What does the sponsorship package include? 

We are offering the following package to each team: 



Start of season: £100 (incl VAT) Aresson Equipment Voucher 

End of season: £50 (incl VAT) Aresson Equipment Voucher 


Rounders England 

£100 Voucher off any Rounders England courses including bespoke courses 


Surridge Sports  

Start of season: £100 (incl VAT) Teamwear Voucher 

End of season: £50 (incl VAT) Teamwear Voucher 



How do you apply? 

Simply complete the online Application form below: 


The deadline for applications is Monday 23rd March 2020. Make sure you let us know how passionate you are about rounders! 


What does sponsorship over the 2020 season entail? 


- Post images and results from all matches played on social media.  

- Tag @roundersengland, @aressonsports@surridgesport #weareallroundersin all social media posts requested. 

- All team members to follow Rounders England, Aresson and Surridge Sport on social media channels during term of sponsorship. 

- Engage (like, share, comment or retweet) with Rounders England, Aresson and Surridge Sport social media campaigns. 

- Complete several tasks set by Rounders England, Aresson and Surridge Sport including a team photo on receipt of Aresson equipment and Surridge teamwear. Further details of tasks will be communicated at the start of sponsorship. Examples of previous tasks include short video clips of training sessions, product reviews, top tips etc. 

- Appoint a team member responsible for posting social media content and liaising with Sponsorship coordinator, Julia Rice at Rounders England.  

- Distribute any promotional material requested by the sponsors at specific events the team is taking part in.  

- At matches, players must play with Aresson bats and balls.  

- Provide the contact details of the sports director or person responsible for sourcing teamwear kit. 


Previously Sponsored Teams 

"We love rounders, it's so addictive! Playing rounders and becoming a sponsored team gives us the opportunity to show women of all colours and creeds that playing sports is fun, exciting and possible! It has also taught us to come out of our comfort zone". 
Batley Ninjas Sponsored Team 2019

“We all feel a huge sense of achievement and recognition for our hard work and dedication to rounders since 2014. We were amazed to have been selected and appreciate the opportunity to work alongside Arreson and Rounders England. The new bats are amazing and have given us a real boost.”
Morley Mavericks Rounders Forever Team 2018


Essex University Rounders Team 2018

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